Welcome to the Cisco EME Learning Partner Forecast portal

This site is to assist you in providing LO and Cisco with the quarterly forecasts for Cisco authorized training. Note that it is a requirement of the Cisco EME Learning Partner program that you submit your forecast at least annually and more frequently if requested.

To complete your Cisco Fiscal Year forecast you will need to enter the estimated number of students per month for each of the major Cisco technologies. You will need to provide this for both instructor-led training (ILT) and Cisco Digital Learning Library elearning subscriptions (ELT).

Please ensure your estimates reflect your planned business investments and objectives for your business. Cisco expects 85% or better accuracy for your total forecast. You will have the ability to edit forecasts throughout the year although we will review updated forecasts vs originals.

You need to submit your forecast no later than June 20th. Please contact Global Orders or your LO Cisco EME Account Manager with any questions. Thank you and look forward to a growth oriented upcoming Cisco Fiscal Year!

You may access this site using your existing LO Store login. Please contact Global Orders if you do not have a LO Store login

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